Brand Development

Based on the ample proficiency and experience in the fashion industry of our multifaceted team members, we select established or emerging brands with a very strong DNA – brands that we believe in.

Customized solutions

The team provides tailor-made solutions to the brands, from the stage of developing the collection (based on market feedback and trends research), through the stage of creating customized distribution plans, communication strategies and advice on managerial decisions in order to reach the targeted expansion on an international level.

An effective promotion of the brand is attained through an active commercial communication with the prospected retailers and sales assistance at MP Select showroom or brand’s own showroom during Fashion Weeks.

MP SELECT bases the relationships with clients on a partnership-collaboration model, assisting and accompanying them on their way of attaining the targeted distribution and right development MP SELECT offers its clients tailor-made solutions including

• Complete market analysis
• Definition of brand identity and positioning
• Collection development in partnership with the brand
• Recommendations and implementation of business strategy
• Recommendations on potential partners adapted to the brand strategy at the different development stages (agents, showrooms, press...)
• Definition of a customized commercial action plan
• Commercial Communication with the target retailers
• Commercial assistance during fashion weeks (in MP SELECT and individual showrooms)
• Press assistance

Collective showroom

MP SELECT offers a showroom space for designer brands to present their collections to Buyers and Press during and outside Paris fashion weeks, enabling them to benefit at one stage of their development from our expertise.